Humon launches Apple Watch app for its muscle oxygen sensor

Boston-based Humon has launched an Apple Watch app for its muscle oxygen sensor. It displays all the metrics and zones directly on your wrist in real-time.

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Hex is a clinically validated wearable that measures muscle oxygen levels. Strap it on to your thigh and you’ll get real-time audio and visual feedback that helps you understand the limits of your body. Hex does this by measuring the hemoglobin saturation in the quadriceps.

The wearable comes with an accompanying smartphone app that shows your training metrics in real-time. Those with a Garmin watch are able to view this data from their wrist via an ANT+ connection.

Today’s news means you can now link Hex to a Series 2 or newer Apple Watch model that has Watch OS 5 or a later version of the operating system installed. The app will automatically find its way to your device when you’ve downloaded and installed the iPhone version.

Just like on Garmin watches, the Apple Watch app shows the same stats that can be found in the mobile app. You do need to have both running at the same time so will need to keep your phone with you.

Humon launches Apple Watch app for its muscle oxygen sensor

To record a session, start a workout as you normally would on your iPhone. Then you’ll need to do the same on your Apple Watch. You can choose between an outdoor or indoor workout. When you’re finished with your exercise make sure you stop the recording on both your watch and mobile phone.

This latest update will certainly make Hex much more useful for those with an Apple Watch. Humon says this was one of their most requested features. It’s worth mentioning, the app is still in Alpha stage.

In our review we found the innovative wearable is excellent for those aiming to take their training up a notch. The band is extremely comfortable, wireless charging is flawless and battery life is great. If you’re an endurance athlete or even a newbie, we really would suggest giving muscle oxygen training a try.

Hex is currently only available on Use code “GANDW” at checkout for a 10% discount.

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