OmiSonic: a wireless ultrasonic washing machine that fits in your pocket

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OmiSonic is a wireless, ultrasonic washing machine that fits in your pocket and comes with portable paper soap. Controlled from your smartphone, the gizmo gets rid of 99.9% of germs.

To use simply place the pod-like device into a sink, bowl or bucket of water along with the items you would like to wash. This could be anything from clothes, jewelry to even food items – up to 2kgs in weight. The accompanying smartphone app comes with specific settings for each type of item and will let you know how much paper soap to add. Hit go and wait for your phone to let you know when everything is squeaky clean. 

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OmiSonic cleans on a microscopic level thanks to its powerful sonic motor. It works by sending out vibrations that create thousands of powerful, tiny bubbles that agitate stains, dirt and germs. This type of technology is sometimes used in chemistry laboratories, but on a larger scale.

The gizmo sounds like it could be very useful for campers, backpackers, business travelers and those who are often away from home. A single charge will last up to 4 washes so there’s no need for an electrical outlet. Plus it uses 15x less water and 40x less energy than a standard washer. Simply pour enough water to submerge whatever you are washing and let OmiSonic do the rest.

If you really want to clean up your act back this project to receive the world’s first ultrasonic, pocket-sized washer. With a couple of weeks to go, the Kickstarter campaign is ten times above its initial goal.

Price: $128 and up

Funding open:

$120,717 raised out of $12,739 goal
16 days to go

Estimated delivery: October 2019

View on:

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One thought on “OmiSonic: a wireless ultrasonic washing machine that fits in your pocket

  • Omisonic was a well-known scam both on Kickstarter and Indiegogo fundraising platforms. The campaign owners on Kickstarter became unresponsive like two years ago, and they eventually fled with a total of $400.000 of funds raised and are nowhere to be found. Both platforms did nothing to trace them, and what is worse is that after notoriously scamming people on Kickstarter, these sewer rats were allowed to open the same foul campaign on Indiegogo too, and scam other people.
    Both platforms, incidentally, resolved the issue quoting their disclaimers, which state that pledging for an item does not automatically give the pledgers any right to actually receive the items, and basically resolving the issue in a big shoulder shake. Chi ha avuto, ha avuto, ha avuto, goes a popular song from Naples, and so it ended up for the ominous Omisonic scammers.


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