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WHOOP Strap 3 enables users to monitor performance in real-time

Sports performance company WHOOP has launched the third generation of it’s flagship wrist wearable. WHOOP Strap 3 unlocks WHOOP Live – a suite of new features for live tracking of physiological changes. Other upgrades include longer five day battery life, new durable ProKnit bands and more.

Core to the WHOOP system is a wristband that measures importance performance variables more than 100 times per second, around the clock. The physiological markers are used to asses an athletes readiness to perform each day. The thing also calculates exertion during workouts and dishes out detailed guidance on how much sleep and rest an athlete needs to recover. Users can share data with trainers and connect with friends and the WHOOP community at large.

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The key difference between WHOOP and a your typical Fitbit is in the predictive analytics. Whoop helps users better understand their bodies and how they recover after a hard game or workout. This in turn helps to reduce injuries and optimize performance. The gizmo is used by professional sports teams around the world. Last year it became available to the general public.

WHOOP Strap 3 now enables users to monitor performance in real-time
Image source: WHOOP

The latest generation unlocks WHOOP Live. This consists of:

Strain Coach: to help you optimize the way you train, the wearable spits out real-time exertion level recommendations based on your body’s recovery. Put more simply, it will tell you if you should push harder or are overdoing it.

WHOOP Snap+: this feature lets you overlay real-time data onto videos or photos. The media can then be saved, analyzed or shared with friends for bragging rights.

Heart Rate Broadcast: users can now connect third-party BLE compatible apps and devices to broadcast heart rate. This includes Wahoo computers, Strava, TrainerRoad and much more.

In addition to various upgrades in hardware, firmware and Bluetooth, WHOOP Strap 3.0 comes with an all-new ProKnit band. This makes it more comfortable due to its stretchy, sturdy and sweat absorbing design. Battery life has also received a healthy boost, from 40 hours to 5 days.

“Data collection and accuracy have always been first and foremost at WHOOP.” Founder & CEO, Will Ahmed

“Through algorithmic breakthroughs, we’ve now found ways to optimize battery life while maintaining incredible accuracy. The result is a product with better ease of use and real-time coaching.

If you want to train like a pro, the wearable comes in a choice between Onyx, Carbide and Arctic colors at The live features are only available in combination with the WHOOP Strap 3.0. You can even get if for free, depending on the chosen membership option.

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