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Best Buy to sell a bunch of connected fitness products in-store, online

Best Buy it is expanding its range of smart fitness equipment for the home. The newly launched devices include connected bikes, smart rowing machines, recovery aids and more.

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The retail tech giant says it’s launching the assortment of products as part of an initiative to help users lead healthier lives with the aid of technology. To this end they’ve teamed up with some well known names in the connected fitness tech field, such as Flywheel Sports, NormaTec, Hyperice, Hydrow and NordicTrack.

Best Buy to sell a bunch of connected fitness products in-store, online
Image source: NordicTrack

The products will be showcased in some 100 stores across the US in the coming months. These will feature dedicated fitness spaces where specially trained staff will let customers try out some of these gadgets. For those who would rather not wait, the collection can be viewed and purchased on-line now.

The range includes a number of products such as Flywheel Home Bikes for guided cycling classes, NormaTec PULSE 2.0 recovery technology, Hyperice percussion devices and fitness roles, the Hydrow touchscreen rowing machine, as well as a selection of connected NordicTrack treadmills and studio cycles.

These devices enable you to exercise in the comfort of your home and some assist with your post-workout recovery. Many also have the ability to connect via the internet to world-class fitness trainers for professional guidance.

“We know there’s a growing intersection between fitness and technology, and no one knows tech like we do,” said Jason Bonfig, Best Buy’s Chief Merchandising Officer.

“We’ve promised our customers we’ll help enrich their lives, including their health and wellness, by using technology. This is a great example of how we’re living up to that commitment.”

Much of this range is a bit pricey for us regular folks, so it helps to be able to visit a store and try the products out before buying. Best Buy is hoping this new initiative will make it a more relevant player in the connected fitness tech space.

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