Xiaomi crowdfunds an ECG equipped fitness tracking shirt that costs just $28

Xiaomi is crowdfunding an activity monitoring shirt called Zenph Smart Fitness Sportswear. It costs $28, not much for a garment that tracks your activity, heart rate, breathing rate and more.

It’s only a matter of time before smart clothing makes it into the mainstream. After all, sensors embedded into fabric that covers the body are in a much better position to monitor your fitness than something that sits on your wrist. You wear these items anyway, it’s just that they are smarter.

The current generation of sensors are either attached to apparel or embedded into the garment itself. However, the problem with most of these devices is that they are pricey. Xiaomi’s crowdfunded shirt, on the other hand, is quite cheap. Particularly when you take into account everything that it delivers.

Xiaomi crowdfunds a smart fitness tracking shirt that costs just $28

Zenph Smart Fitness Sportswear comes equipped with an Intexar Intelligent sensor, manufactured by DuPont Graphite technology. It actually slightly resembles a heart rate tracking chest strap pod. The ECG sensor and other smarts inside gather real-time information on a users heart rate, respiratory rate, calories burned, movements and more . The manufacturer claims the heart rate and respiratory rate data is of medical level accuracy.

Xiaomi crowdfunds a smart fitness tracking shirt that costs just $28

As you’d expect, the thing is also equipped with a Bluetooth sensor. This allows it to communicate with the accompanying smartphone app where you can delve into a plethora of analytical reports. The app comes with coaching features for a variety of sports.

Finally, there’s also a clever voice warning feature. If your heart rate or state of the body falls within a dangerous range, the mobile phone will spit out a voice an alert. The aim here is to prevent sports injuries.

In terms of design, the elegant looking shirt is manufactured using German patented SensElast3D printing technology. Xiaomi says the fabric is very elastic, it has good air ventilating properties and is quick drying. You can wash it repeatedly without worrying about damage – once you remove the sensor, of course.

The intelligent shirt is available in five sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL for both men and women. It can be picked up on Xiaomi’s YouPin crowdfunding platform. Delivery is scheduled from July 20th.

Source: xiaomiyoupin.com.

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