Apple Watch users will soon be able to delete most built-in apps

Apple Watch users will soon be able to get rid of many built-in apps they don’t use.

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The functionality is set to be enabled as part of watchOS6. The developer beta is already on its second iteration, but those with the software have not reported the ability to delete built-in apps just yet.

A workaround many currently use is to remove Apple’s built-in apps on their smartphone. For Calendar, Stocks and Weather this will also delete the corresponding software on the Apple Watch. But not all built-in Watch apps have iOS counterparts so this tactic does not work for most of them.

Of course, users are also able to delete third-party apps they’ve installed. This is done by long holding the Watch app icon until it enter’s the “wiggle-mode”. Then it’s a simple matter of pressing the X button in the corner to delete the app. This also gets rid of any related user data and configuration files. The other option is to go to the Apple Watch iOS app. From there, choose settings and toggle the switch next to the app that says “Show on Apple Watch.”

Once it lands, the new functionality will allow users to remove other built-in apps such as Stopwatch, Alarm, Timer, Camera Remote, Walkie-Talkie, ECG, Breathe and more. The delete procedure will be identical to the one for third-party software. Only a few core apps such as Heart Rate and Messages will be un-deletable.

The next version of the operating system is scheduled for official release in September. Apple Watch owners will surely welcome this functionality as will enable them to de-clutter their watch interface. watchOS 6 will come with a number of other improvements such as a standalone App Store, new health functionality, apps, complications and watch faces.

Source: TechCrunch

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