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dokiPal is a 4G/LTE kids smartwatch with video calling, location tracking & more

dokiPal is a new kids smartwatch launched today by Doki. The feature-packed device comes with 4G LTE connectivity, location tracking, video calling AI voice assistance, fitness tracking and more.
dokiPal is a 4G/LTE kids smartwatch with video calling, location tracking & more
Image source: Doki

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Smartwatches are not just for adults any more. Parents get them for their kids for a number of reasons. It makes it easier to keep in contact with their little ones, many of these devices come with safety functions, while some parents want to encourage their children to be more active so opt for a device that also tracks fitness.

Hong-Kong based Doki is a well known name in this rapidly growing space. Its first wearable was a video calling enabled kids smartwatch that raised over $400,000 on Kickstarter in 2016. Designed for kids 5 and above, DokiPal is the new and improved version.

The watch works using a nano SIM card with cellular data service. It has universal 4G LTE connectivity so can function in over 150 countries. This includes major US networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. There’s also the option of installing a Doki SIM out of the box which works in about 50 countries.

Just like its predecessor, dokiPal allows for video calling via a ​1.4-inch TFT color display. To ensure durability, the screen is made of gorilla glass and the whole thing is certified IP68 water-resistant.

dokiPal is a 4G/LTE kids smartwatch with video calling, location tracking & more
Image source: Doki

A novel feature is something the company calls dokiAsk. This is an AI voice assistant and smart encyclopaedia. Doki says it is specifically designed to recognise children’s voices and will not provide answers to inappropriate topics.

Another area which seems well covered are safety functions. dokiPal combines GPS, LBS and WiFi technology for precise location tracking. The 800mAH battery ensures everything will be kept up to date for up to 48 hours under normal usage (with a standby time of 72 hours).

Parents can communicate with and keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts via the Doki app. This allows them to set alert areas (geofences) and there’s an SOS function for their kids to use if needed. All the features built into the watch are COPPA-compliant, helping to ensure children’s data privacy is protected.

Other functionality includes tracking steps, distance and calories, as well as a fitness leaderboard for competitions with friends and the chance to earn badges. Parents will be happy to know they can set events and reminders using the smart scheduler to notify children of upcoming tasks.

dokiPal is be available from today on Doki’s online store in a choice between Wave Blue and Plush Pink. The watch costs $179​ with an optional ​US$9.99 Doki SIM monthly​ data subscription for US customers.

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