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Casio’s new G-SHOCK Mudmaster is tougher & equipped with more smarts

Casio has just announced the latest iteration of its Mudmaster series. The new range is better equipped than ever before to tackle the harshest of conditions and it comes with some additional smarts.

Casio’s new G-SHOCK Mudmaster is tougher & equipped with more smarts
Image source: Casio

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The Mudmaster GG-B100 marks the introduction of the company’s Carbon Core Guard technology. This increases the robustness of the device while, at the same time, sliming it down and reducing weight.

The shock resistant structure comes with a carbon fiber reinforced resin case and filters behind each button to protect against the intrusion of mud. There’s a dual layered stainless steel case back and a triple layered bezel. Not that you are going to need it, but like all G-SHOCK devices the thing is water resistant down to depths of 200 meters.

Unlike its three sensor predecessors, the latest Mudmaster range comes equipped with four sensors. This includes the usual air pressure/altitude, thermometer and digital compass, in addition to an accelerometer for counting steps.

These watches are not for serious athletes so a heart rate sensor is not on this list. They are built more for those into rugged outdoor activities, hence the durability and ruggedness.

Bluetooth connectivity allows the Mudmasters to communicate with the Casio Connected app. You’ll find course and altitude information here and the ability to record your current location. The watch has a second hand on the display which shows your recorded destination, along with distance on the LCD.

Other G-SHOCK features come as standard and include a calorie calculator, mode/display switching customization, world time and automatic time adjustment, LED lighting and Phone Finder.

The $350 Mudmaster GG-B100 range made its debut in Japan about a month ago but will be available in the US and UK starting August 1st. The three colour options include black, khaki and orange. You can check them out on Casio’s website.

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