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Sky Mobile introduces a smartwatch for kids built with safety in mind

UK-based Sky Mobile has introduced a smartwatch for 5 to 12 year-olds. Dubbed Spacetalk it comes equipped with GPS and 3G, and is designed with safety in mind.

Sky Mobile introduces a GPS equipped smartwatch for kids
Image source: Sky Mobile

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The device can be picked up now on the company’s website. A subscription costs £10 per month and includes 1GB of data and unlimited calls and text. Unused monthly data will be rolled over automatically and extra data can be added by parents.

The watch offers a plethora of features and seems to be well thought out. The GPS tracker allows parents to watch over their little ones and set up alerts when the wearer leaves a designated “Safe Zone”. There’s also a “Location on Demand” feature that provides an instant real-time update on the child’s whereabouts.

The 4G functionality allows the thing to work as a fully functional mobile phone from the wrist. Users can make calls and send and receive text messages. For safety purposes, contacts need to be pre-approved through a Sky Mobile SIM card.

Parents will be happy to know the watch has no apps and no internet, so kids will not be able to access to social media. There’s also no camera. A separate “School Mode” allows the watch’s functions to be switched off at the press of a button. And yes, the devices does tell the time.

Unlike some other kids watches, Spacetalk does not have any health functions. For those you are better off with a Fitbit or Garmin.

“The SPACETALK Kid’s Watch is the latest in a range of products from Sky to help keep children safe,” said Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile.

With the new school term on the horizon, we wanted to reassure parents by launching a device which will help them keep an eye on their little ones, whether they are doing after-school activities or travelling to and from school alone.”

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