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Vivomove 3: what to expect from Garmin’s next hybrid

Following on from leaks on Fenix 6 and Vivoactive 4, we also have some rumoured details of Garmin’s next hybrid.

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For those not in the know, analogue or hybrid smartwatches are traditional looking timepieces that come with abilities that are evident in today’s smartwatches. They combine style with functionality.

Garmin’s current offering in this space is the Vivomove HR. Along with the Withings Steel HR Sport, this is a one of the most feature packed and best hybrids out there. Released in August 2017 ahead of IFA, the device has a stunning OLED display, tracks all important activity metrics including heart rate and VO2Max, supports notifications, and is swim-proof.

Pretty soon it will get even better.

Vivomove 3, leaks, rumours

A Youtube video was leaked recently which lists some details and images of Vivomove 3. The video has since been removed at the request of Garmin. Make of that what you will, as it might or might not be an indication that it was genuine.

According to this, Vivomove 3 is set to come in two variants, Classic and Sport. It is not entirely clear what differentiates the two. Like the current version which has a Sport and Premium option, most likely the difference will be in the build of the body and type of strap.

Vivomove 3: what to expect from Garmin’s next hybrid

In terms of new features, Garmin’s third hybrid is rumoured to come with NFC for contactless payments and the ability to tap into the GPS on a user’s smartphone. Both of these features are currently missing. The addition of teathered GPS should make it a more serious sports training device.

Other than that, the display is set to get a revamp. The current version has a 9.6 mm x 19.2 mm hidden OLED screen on the face of the watch. You won’t notice it until it is active. The watch hands even dynamically move out of the way when you swipe through your messages, heart rate and more.

Vivomove 3 is set to arrive with an even larger display and its supposed to be colour this time around rather than monochrome. There’s also the suggestion of a duel-screen. Whatever the case, let’s hope visibility in outside conditions improves as the current iteration lacks in that regard.

Under the hood the device will come with a heart rate monitor, barometric altimeter, accelerometer and ambient light sensor. We are not expecting the PulseOx sensor, but hopefully the new version will also integrate an upgraded heart rate module for more precise tracking of your heart rate during exercise.

While the current edition is swim proof, only running, cycling, cardio and weights are on the list of workouts tracked. So let’s hope swimming gets slapped on to this list. Also expect to see some more Firstbeat features.

Longer battery life would also be nice. The current version runs up to 5 days between charges in smartwatch mode which is not bad but could be better.

Release date

As mentioned, the previous iteration of Vivomove was released in time for IFA 2017. It is therefore entirely possible we will see Vivomove 3 at the Berlin gathering this year. IFA 2019 is set to begin on September 6th.

The Fenix 6 was briefly posted on a big retailers website (before being removed) with an August 28th launch date, so Garmin may very well make an official reveal at that time. The other option is CES 2020 in January.

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