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AliveCor kills off Apple Watch ECG accessory KardiaBand

AliveCor is reportedly discontinuing production of the Apple Watch ECG accessory KardiaBand. The outfit will continue to sell other products.

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KardiaBand is an Apple Watch band that allows users to capture EKG readings in just 30 seconds. You press on the band with your thumb to take a reading. The accompanying Apple Watch application then processes the data. The app also allows you to record voice memos which can then be sent along with the EKG reading to your doctor.

According to MobiHealthNews, AliveCor is killing off the product. The device was pulled back in June as indicated by its Amazon vendor profile.

“In 2017, we were proud to launch the first FDA-cleared accessory for the Apple Watch,” AliveCor told the website.

“Since then, we’ve focused on expanding capabilities within our KardiaMobile products and recently announced KardiaMobile 6L, the first of its kind six-lead mobile ECG. We’re committed to empowering customers with deeper knowledge about their heart health while continuing to innovate new technologies and capabilities.”

It’s no big surprise really AliveCor has decided to abandon the product. The Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a built-in ECG (EKG) so it is logical to presume all subsequent generation devices will carry this technology.

AliveCor says it will continue to support current owners of the band indefinitely. The private medical health company headquartered in Mountain View, California, will also continue to sell other similar products.

This includes the recently launched KardiaMobile 6L (view on Amazon). Unlike its earlier product range and the Series 4 Watch which have a single lead ECG, this product has a 6-lead system and is able to pick up about 100 different diseases. In a care clinic ECG readers have 12 leads which are placed across a patient’s chest to pick up heart data. More leads mean a better view of your heart.

“Despite transitioning away from KardiaBand, we still very much believe that wearables have value in healthcare and continue to look for ways to be innovative in this space,” AliveCor told MobiHealthNews.

“We’re excited about investing in new classes of wearables and giving customers new ways to interact with their health data.”

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