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Fitbit Aria Air smart scale is designed to be light on your wallet

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Buried in yesterday’s Fitbit Versa 2 announcement, is news of a new smart scale from the San Francisco outfit. This one is designed to be light on your wallet.

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Fitbit already has Aria and Aria 2 in its smart scale arsenal. Aria Air is the budget version  of these. It will cost only $49.95 when it becomes available for pre-order from end-September on the company’s website. This is less than half of what you’d pay for its more expensive siblings. Shipping and wider retail availability is expected in mid-October.

Fitbit Aria Air scale is designed to be light on your wallet
Image source: Fitbit

You sacrifice some of the functionality, of course. There’s only Bluetooth sync and the scale only captures info on weight and body mass index (BMI). The scale plays nice with Fitbit’s new Premium Subscription service, you can set goals, connect to third party apps and access the Community section for support and bragging rights. In addition to all of this, the more expensive Aria scales also track body fat percentage and lean mass (Aria 2), hence the higher price.

Fitbit Aria Air scale is designed to be light on your wallet
Image source: Fitbit

Design-wise, the scale does not stray too much from other offerings in the Aria range. It features a simple square-ish design that comes in a choice between White or Black. The LCD display is still there although it now lacks the metal ring around it.

If you’re looking to lose weight or just keep tabs on your current weight, this scale looks to be a worthy budget option. Particularly if you own a Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch as it makes sense to buy from the same brand. You step on it, step off – done. Your weight is transferred to your Fitbit dashboard and quietly sits there along with all your other stats.

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