Fitbit Android users turn to forums to vent about sync issues

Fitbit users have turned to forums to vent about sync issues between their fitness trackers and the Android smartphone app. The problem stems from an August 19th update which introduced the new-look dashboard.

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The thread on Fitbit community forums has grown to over 400 posts. It seems the buggy software update is causing sync issues, particularly with older devices such as the Zip, One, Flex, Alta HR, Charge HR and Charge 2. Users are getting the message that their device cannot be found by the Android app.

“I also haven’t been able to sync since 18AUG19.  Like others my android phone app says my Zip can’t be found.  I have followed on the steps on all the help links.  No luck.  Super frustrating!  Please fix this bug soon.” one user says.

“Same here, updated and now “no device found”…..  very frustrating for sure.” vents another.

“Mine won’t sync either or get notifications. It’s getting extremely annoying!”

Some users feel this is part of a ploy to get them to purchase newer devices. We sincerely doubt that.

There is no easy remedy to fix the issue right now

Fitbit has suggested deleting the device from the smartphone app and pairing it again. Another suggested fix is deleting and reinstalling the app on your Android smartphone. For some this has worked, but for others this did not resolve the problem. We would also suggest powering off and restarting your smartphone and turning Bluetooth off and then back on.

One user reports that the solution that worked for him was fully charging his Fitbit, removing the device from the app/profile, removing the app from his smartphone, forcing the phone to forget the device in your list of bluetooth devices, factory resetting the Fitbit, reinstalling everything and setting up the Fitbit as a new device. Quite a list of tasks, but worth trying out.

Fitbit has issued a couple of software updates since August 19th which come with bug fixes and made stability improvements. However the issue is still ongoing for some users.

Hopefully a subsequent update will squash the sync bug for good. If we hear from Fitbit we’ll update this article.

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