E-ink display Fossil smartwatches to launch soon, leaked images

A few of images have surfaced online of upcoming Fossil smartwatches. They come with an e-ink display and could be the product of the company’s collaboration with Google.

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The Fossil Collider (Diana) hybrid range cropped up on several retail sites as originally spotted in this Reddit thread. There are three iterations in total.

The images suggest the watches will run on WearOS and feature an e-ink display without a touchscreen. The screen sits behind hands to show heart rate, steps, weather and notifications. There also appears to be a fitness app that resembles Google Fit. Some iterations have built-in GPS and Google Pay as additional features.

e ink display fossil smartwatches to launch soon leaked images 1 - E-ink display Fossil smartwatches to launch soon, leaked images
Fossil Collider FTW7008, FTW7010, FTW7009

The listings go on to say the watches will have a 42mm stainless steel case, support for 10 different dial elements and the time will automatically synchronize with your phone. The top right button will be programmable.

Battery life is excellent thanks to the low power e ink technology. The watches will be able to run between 2 and 4 weeks on a single charge.

e ink display fossil smartwatch to launch soon leaked images 1 - E-ink display Fossil smartwatches to launch soon, leaked images
Fossil Collider FTW7008

The clue that this could be a joint product between Fossil and Google is the name “Diana”. A blend between the worlds “Digital” and “Analogue”, this is the internal name for the smartwatch technology that Google licensed in a $40 million deal with Fossil at the start of the year. As part of the agreement, a part of Fossil’s 200 strong R&D team joined Google.

At the time Greg McKelvey told Wareable the collaboration will result in the launch of “a new product innovation that’s not yet hit the market.” This way the mystery innovation would first hit Fossil watches, before expanding “across the industry over time to benefit all.” An e-ink display is novel technology but it’s nothing we have not seen before.

Nevertheless, it is very possible that these are the first products to emerge from the Fossil/Google collaboration. There’s no word yet from either company but according to the listings the watches should retail for around $225. Google has announced an October 15th hardware event for Pixel 4 so we may get an official reveal then.

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