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iOS 13 issue preventing some Fitbit users from receiving notifications

Some Fitbit owners who have updated to iOS 13 have stopped receiving notifications on their device. Here’s what to do if your re experiencing the issue.

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Issue preventing some Fitbit users from receiving notifications after iOS 13 updateThe thirteenth release of the Apple’s mobile operating system is packed with plenty of useful upgrades. However, it also comes with one unpleasant surprise for some Fitbit owners.

The problem started with the iOS13 beta but has continued with the public release. As reported by one user on the Fitbit forum “as soon as it installed my Fitbit stopped receiving notifications.” The issue seems to be affecting quite a few users. The Fitbit Community forum thread to discuss the problem has grown to over 2,000 posts!

The problem is not limited to one particular device. Users with Charge 3, Alta, Inspire, Versa and other devices are all affected. It’s clearly a Fitbit app compatibility issue with iOS13.

Here’s what to do if you stopped receiving notifications

The San Francisco outfit has outlined a few steps which will hopefully get rid of the problem.

Update the software: To start off, make sure the Fitbit app on your smartphone is up to date. Also check if the latest version of iOS is installed on your system. This is done through Settings/General/Software update on your phone.

Make sure Bluetooth connection is working: Next, check that Bluetooth is switched on and that your Fitbit is connected to your smartphone. You can even try to toggle Bluetooth off and then on a few times in the smartphone settings. One further thing worth trying is to tap the information icon next to the name of your Fitbit in Settings/Bluetooth on your phone. Then toggle Share System Notifications off and on.

Restart your Fitbit and/or smartphone: This is the go-to solution for most problems. A reboot of your Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch restarts the device, but does not delete any data. This is an effective troubleshoot if your wearable is not responding to button presses, taps, or swipes, if it is not connecting to the app or if it is not tracking your activity. Instructions how to do this can be found on this link.

Check notification settings: In the Fitbit app open up the Settings page/Notifications. This is done by tapping the top-left icon. Check that Show Previews is set to Always or When Unlocked. Also make sure you’ve switched on the notifications you are interested in.

Issue preventing some Fitbit users from receiving notifications after iOS 13 update

Restoring to factory settings: Some users have reported the only thing that made the problem go away was resetting to factory settings. A word of caution. If you do this it will erase any stored data, personal information and saved settings. This will also wipe info on any credit or debit cards you may have added on devices that support Fitbit Pay.

The instructions above have helped a number of users resolve the issue. Hopefully it will work for you. If you’ve done the above and your Fitbit is still not receiving notifications the Customer Support team may be able to help. Hopefully the company will issue a permanent fix soon.

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