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Humon Hex update brings Garmin Fenix 6 and WatchOS 6 support

In the past few days Humon Hex has received a slew of updates including Garmin Fenix 6 support, iOS13 and Watch OS 6 compatibility and more.

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Humon Hex is one of a kind when it comes to wearable tech. This is a device that lets you optimise your training intensity by measuring the hemoglobin saturation in your quadriceps. In our review, we found it worked really well. Particularly for warming up, HIIT training and that final push when it comes to endurance training.

Humon Hex update brings Garmin Fenix 6 & WatchOS 6 supportThe team from the Boston-based company has obviously been very busy. Amongst updates that came through this month are: iOS 13, WatchOS 6 Compatibility and Beta Testing Program; Garmin Edge 530, 830, 1030 Software Update; Garmin Fenix 6 Support; and Garmin Connect Humon Zones Integration.

It appears the new Apple smartphone and smartwatch operating systems brought with it a fair share of challenges. But after some brief delays the Humon iOS app has now been updated to version 3.23.0 which brings full compatibility. The company says it has also made changes to its Beta testing program to avoid these kinds of issues in the future.

Human owners who were quick to pick up a new Fenix 6 may have been disappointed to learn the Humon data field did not work. The latest software version rectifies this issue and makes sure the Humon data field supports the Vivoactive 4 and 4S, as well.

Other devices that had problems with the Humon data field include the Edge 530, 830, and 1030 bike computers. It seems a Garmin software update during the summer killed ANT+ connectivity with data fields for this devices. Human has been hard at work with Garmin to identify the issue. The latest Beta software update for Edge devices resolves the problem.

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Finally, it seems a frequent Humon Hex user request has been to view Humon zone information in the Garmin Connect app post workout. The wearable displays this via different colours in its app and the watch data field. The individual colours let you know in real time whether you should push or ease back training.

Coloring a Garmin Connect graph is not possible so Humon has applied numbering instead (left hand axis in the chart below). Number 2 corresponds to Blue (recovery), 3 is Green (steady state), 4 Orange (approaching limit) and Red (limit).

Humon Hex update brings Garmin Fenix 6 & WatchOS 6 support

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