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Mobvoi adds sleep tracking to TicWatch range of watches

Mobvoi has announced the arrival of the much anticipated sleep tracking functionality to its TicWatch line-up of watches.

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The update will initially roll out to TicWatch Pro and Pro 4G/LTE. The first of these was released just over a year ago. Its main novelty is the duel-layer display. This represents a unique solution to the problem that plagues most Wear OS watches, battery life.

The company launched a 4G/LTE enabled version this summer. It allows users to share their existing phone number on Verizon and conduct phone calls without a smartphone. In our review we found the device to be a solid entry into the Wear OS space. Everything just works well out of the box.

And while the timepiece does a decent job at tracking fitness, much like the Apple Watch, there was always one thing missing – sleep tracking. Until now.

Mobvoi adds sleep tracking to its TicWatch Pro range of watches
Image source: Mobvoi

The Chinese-based outfit did say a few months ago the functionality will come via a future software update, and it held true to its promise. The sleep tracking feature was launched along with TicSleep, Mobvoi’s sleep monitoring app. Both are compatible with the TicWatch smartwatch range.

As you’d expect, the functionality kicks in automatically when you go to bed so there’s no need to press any buttons. Users get info on time spent in REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep and Awake. They’ll also get their morning heart rate and a chart showing their sleep heart rate during the night, as well as historical data. Sleep info can be viewed from the TicSleep watch face or in the smartphone app.

Another feature that comes with the update is a smart alarms function. This wakes you up when you are in the light stage of sleep via a customizable vibration.

TicSleep is rolling out now to TicWatch Pro BT and TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE users. To coincide with the news, Mobvoi has timed an Amazon deal to these two products. Sleep tracking can be activated by installing the TicSleep smartwatch app from the Google Play Store. Other watches in the TicWatch line-up will get the functionality soon.

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