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Kokoon EEG, sleep aiding headphones now available for purchase

London-based Kokoon have announced this week the launch of their EEG-enabled, sleep aiding  headphones.

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Busy and the digital lifestyles are increasingly leading to sleep issues. To help you battle these are the newly launched wireless headphones. Kokoon is made of very soft materials and features clinically validated techniques to help you sleep better. Additionally, the headphones feature three layers of noise cancelling, including white noise.

Kokoon EEG, sleep aiding headphones now available for purchase
Image source: Kokoon

The outfit was founded 6 years ago as its founder Tim Antos struggled with insomnia. Eventually he enrolled in CBT-I programme at a sleep clinic where he learned how to change bad thought habits preventing him from getting a good night’s sleep.

“I wanted to make all this knowledge, all these great tools I learnt in the sleep clinic more accessible to the everyday consumer to use on their own terms”.

The headphones come with a smartphone app that tracks sleep cycles and offers techniques developed with sleep professionals users help you relax and sleep. This includes the above-mentioned Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which is typically considered the gold standard treatment for insomnia.

All of this is personalized for the user. The EEG sensors measure brainwaves, motion, heart rate and environment. As you relax and fall asleep the audio changes, gradually fading out the content and replacing it with noise cancellation. This helps you disconnect from whatever is going on around you.

Kokoon EEG, sleep aiding headphones now available for purchase
All headphone components | Image source: Kokoon

Kokoon originally raised a whopping $1.9 million to make the product a reality on Kickstarter. That was back in 2015 so the project obviously ran into delays. However, their 8,400 backers are receiving the devices now and the product is available for purchase to all.

Kokoon EEG, sleep aiding headphones now available for purchase
Image source: Kokoon

If you’re having trouble relaxing and sleeping Kokoon may pique your interest. The gizmo doubles-up as everyday headphones for listening to normal music or audio. It also allows users to make hands-free calls thanks to the built-in microphone.

The headphones are available for purchase now on Amazon (check price).

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