Image source: Bellabeat

Bellabeat’s latest Leaf tracker is created with Swarovski crystals

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The latest arrival to Bellabeat’s lineup of fitness devices is called Leaf Crystal. Created with Swarovski crystals it joins other products in the range such as Leaf Urban and Leaf Chakra.

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Bellabeat is a wellness-oriented outfit dedicated to creating attractive connected wearables for women. The collection in the Leaf range can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or clip with accessories or items you already own.

Bellabeat’s latest Leaf tracker is created with Swarovski crystals
Image source: Bellabeat

All of the devices in the range have pretty much the same smarts, it’s just the design that is different. They learn about you and provides wellness insights to help you feel your best.

The wearable tracks your activity, sleep and monthly cycles through the smartphone app. If you are feeling stressed, you can follow one of its breathing routines to try and calm yourself down. Its advanced technology is hidden inside the wood housing, giving it a soft natural appeal. The Swarovski crystals add a bit of glamour.

Bellabeat’s latest Leaf tracker is created with Swarovski crystals
Image source: Bellabeat

This is one device you won’t need to worry about charging. The tracker is powered by a replaceable battery that lasts up to 6 months. There is also 14 days worth of built-in memory, so you only need to sync it every couple of weeks.

“At Bellabeat, we believe in combining wellness and elegance. We have created Leaf Crystal with Swarovski crystals to give women beautiful wellness tracking alternative that combines style, functionality and empowerment,” said Bellabeat CCO, Urska Srsen.

Available in rose gold or silver you can purchase the Leaf Crystal from for $199.00. Leaf Chakra and Urban are less expensive, coming in at $119. These two can also be picked up on Amazon (check price).

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