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Next Tag Heuer Connected watch to arrive soon, gets FCC approval

The next Tag Heuer Connected is reportedly set to arrive ahead of Baselworld 2020. This is according to multiple sources and a recent FCC filing.

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The Swiss outfit has started a partnership with Intel and Google back in 2015 to develop its first Connected smartwatch. There have been two generations so far, the first selling 15,000 units, the second 50,000. While this may not seem like a lot, remember that these are very pricey watches selling at more than $1,000 a pop.

The last version was released back in 2017. It is very customizable allowing users to choose from one of over 4,000 unique configurations. You can even take out the Connected module and swap it with a mechanical one.

The Connected module packs an Intel processor, GPS, water resistance down to 50 meters, 4GB of storage memory, and all the usual fitness smarts apart from a heart rate sensor. An omission that will almost certainly be rectified by the third iteration.

Speaking to WatchPro, Stéphane Bianchi, chief executive of TAG Heuer and the LVMH Watchmaking Division revelaed a new TAG Heuer Connected watch will be one of two important launches next year.

“We will have two major launches in 2020: a new Connected watch and a new Carrera. Those are going to be big, big launches next year,” he reveals.

“New Connected watches will be unveiled in February and we will focus on the Carrera at Baselworld.”

Interestingly, WatchPro has removed the article from its website, but a cached version can be accessed on this link. Previously, in a Business Insider feature the Wear OS roadmap, a former Google employee revealed the Tag Heuer Connected is set for a March 2020 reveal.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41, a luxury watch for smaller wrists
Image source: Tag Heuer

Adding credence to these two sources is a recent filing with the FCC. It is for a new Tag Heuer smartwatch that goes under the moniker SBG8A. This is very much along the lines of earlier Connected watches that had model numbers of SBF8A and SBF81.

Unfortunately the filing does not reveal anything to do with specs. All we know is that the upcoming watch was tested for Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC. It will also most likely be touchscreen, as in order to access the regulatory information to see the FCC label you need to navigate through multiple screens.

Curiously, the FCC label is square in shape. Could the next iteration move away from the circular design of its predecessors?

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