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The deeply curious will soon get a Garmin Dive app

You can sign up to be a beta tester of the Garmin smartphone Dive app. Designed for both Android and iOS devices, it works in conjunction with the Descent MK1 Dive Computer.

For the deeply curious, Garmin will soon launch a Dive app
Garmin Descent MK1

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The company has done a lot to improve the Connect smartphone app in recent years. And while Garmin’s hardware is spot on, the software is clearly still work in progress. Nevertheless, the company is now working in parallel on an app for the deeply curious.

The Dive app is still in Beta stage but anyone can register to test it out. It pairs with a Descent watch to automatically upload your dives. The app spits out very detailed analysis which includes ascent time, max ascent rate, max depth, bottom time, surface entry, exit points and much more.

For the deeply curious, Garmin will soon launch a Dive app
Image source: Garmin

In addition to logging underwater adventures, users can share their dives for bragging rights and explore the community.

The final feature that looks to be very useful is the Explore tool. This allows you to find new diving locations. Users can filter by type of dive and chose a place based on its popularity, weather conditions and more. Reviews and logs from other divers can be accessed to help with the selection.

For the deeply curious, Garmin will soon launch a Dive app
Image source: Garmin

It will be interesting to see whether Garmin expands the functionality of the Dive app to allow syncing from other sports watches in its range. Having said that, those without a Descent dive computer can use the app to log dives manually.

For now the app works with the MK1. This is a feature-packed smartwatch built for divers which was released at the end of 2017. It is the company’s first dive computer to offer surface GPS navigation and represents an awesome entry into the market. The stylish timepiece comes with a bright 1.2” color display and watch-style design that very much resembles devices in the Garmin’s Fenix line.

The upgraded software should make the Descent MK1 a more attractive purchase. Those interested in the diving watch can take advantage of a $200 discount that can currently be picked up on and Amazon.

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