More powerful with ultra-long battery life Amazfit Bip S to be revealed at CES 2020

A more powerful with ultra-long battery life version of Amazfit Bip is coming soon. It is called Bip S and is launching in at CES 2020 in Las Vegas.

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Huami has always been good at dropping hints on new devices in its Amazfit lineup. We already knew the company was planning to announce at least three new products at CES 2020. This will be a fitness device related to sneakers, smart earphones with a built-in heart rate monitor and an activity tracker. The last on this list (or perhaps another unveiling) has been revealed to be the successor to Huami’s popular Amazfit Bip fitness watch.

Here’s a tweet that was posted on Huami’s social channels.

A successor to the Amazfit Bip is long overdue. Some two years old now, this low-cost smartwatch comes packed with features such as built-in GPS, heart rate sensor and notifications. But Bip’s claim to fame is its astonishing 30+ days of battery life, and that’s with an always on color touch-screen!

Many had thought the Amazfit GTS was launched this summer as an updated version of Bip. Similar in many respects, GTS is an Apple Watch lookalike that comes with 14 days of battery life and a gorgeous high-res display. This is only one of a plethora of devices launched by the tech giant in 2019. It is, however, the one which has generated perhaps the most interest.

Huami has not revealed much on Amazfit Bip S. The tweet comes with a short video clip which only shows the watch will be very similar in design to the original version. We couldn’t really spot many differences. Apparently, the device will be more powerful, it will improve on the already impressive battery life and it will be extremely lightweight.

Stay tuned. All will be known at Huami’s Global Product Launch on January 7th. The event theme is titled “LEAP OVER LIMITS”.

Those interested can register on the special CES list to get special discounts on Amazfit products.

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2 thoughts on “More powerful with ultra-long battery life Amazfit Bip S to be revealed at CES 2020

  • Por quanto será que ele vai chegar no mercado? Quero comprar um bip mas estou cogitando esperar se o preço for parecido

    • Puede que sea mejor esperar. Se lanza en aproximadamente una semana.


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