Here’s how to earn Garmin activity badges on New Year’s Eve & Day

For those of us who like to collect the Garmin activity badges, don’t forget to record an activity on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day.

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The two challenges are called “Finish Strong” and “Start Strong”. The first requires users to record any activity on the 31st of December and sync to Garmin Connect. Hopefully you won’t be too hung over as the second challenge requires you to do the same on the 1st of January.

If you don’t see the challenges in Garmin’s smartphone app it is dependent on your geographical location. So you will have to hold off until the date ticks over for you.

Here’s how the badges look. They appear in black and white but once earned will show up in full color.

Here’s how to earn Garmin activity badges on New Year’s Eve & Day

For those that may not know, the badges page can be accessed by clicking on your avatar on the dashboard of the Garmin Connect app. Below the Activity tab you’ll be able to see the last few badges that you earned. Click on All Badges to be taken to the next page. Under the Available column you can see all the badges that you have not earned yet.

It will be a while until another date specific badge comes along. The next one will not be until March 8th, to mark International Women’s Day. And that one will be available only to owners of Captain Marvel watches.

A new year is always chance for a fresh start, an opportunity to turn over a new leaf. Most of us come up with all sorts of health and fitness resolutions. Garmin is doing its thing to help start things off the right way. The problem is, we start off optimistically but then the harsh reality of our busy lives sets in and we lose focus. Check out our tips on how to stick to your 2020 New Year’s health and fitness resolutions.

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