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Suunto 3 Fitness becomes Suunto 3, gets new case material & colorways

Suunto 3 Fitness becomes Suunto 3, gets new case materialIn a rebranding exercise, Suunto 3 Fitness is now simply called Suunto 3. This is more in line with the naming convention of other devices in the company’s range.

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Some new design options have been introduced but the feature-set remains identical. This was revealed in a somewhat muted press release by the Finish outfit.

What’s more, the watch is now entirely Finland-made whereas previously it was designed in the country but manufactured in China. That might be part of the reason it is now more expensive. This also leads to expectations that Suunto 3 Fitness will slowly be phased out.

The differences between the previous device and Suunto 3 are entirely in design. The case is now made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic instead of glass fibre reinforced polyamide. The material is very easy to manufacture and is known for its strong resistance to physical impacts and chemicals. The weight, bezel material and glass material of the watch remain identical.

The new colorways include Moss Grey, Slate Grey, Slate Grey Copper, Granite Red and Pebble White. The original comes in other color options such as Copper, Gold, Black, Sakura, Ocean and Burgundy.

Do a comparison of Suunto 3 and Suunto 3 Fitness features on the company’s website and you won’t find any other differences. The battery life, water resistance, features and the rest is the same.

What has changed is the price. The Suunto 3 has been hiked up to $229 which is about a quarter more than Suunto 3 Fitness. Not sure if this can be justified by a simple design change so you might be better off picking up the older device for now. If, instead, you prefer the new device – it is available for pre-order with shipping starting on the 31st of January.

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