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NoiseFit Fusion is a touch-screen smartwatch with mechanical hands

NoiseFit Fusion is India’s first full touch hybrid smartwatch. Launched a few days ago, it comes with mechanical hands that serve to flag up smartphone notifications.

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The timepiece is manufactured by a company called Noise. The Indian outfit is a well known maker of low cost smartphone accessories such as earphones and smartwatches.

For those not in the know, hybrid timepieces combine the look and functionality of a traditional watch with abilities that are evident in today’s smartwatches. These types of devices have only come to prominence in the last few years. There are some quite advanced on the market today, such as Move ECG which is capable of recording an electrocardiogram and Garmin Vivomove 3 which can take blood oxygen readings.

NoiseFit Fusion is not quite as advanced but it does come with some decent specs and premium looks which remind us very much of the MyKronos ZeTime. It also breaks ground in India as the first such device to be launched in the country.

Its 5 ATM rated design consists of a circular, stainless steel shell in Classic Black, Vintage Brow, and Rose Gold color options. This is attached to a regular interchangeable watch straps that come in a choice between leather and silicone.

NoiseFit Fusion is a touch-screen smartwatch with mechanical hands
Image source: Noise

All of this is combined with sapphire glass that sits on top of a 1.22 inch color display which is fully responsive to touch. The resolution comes in at 240 x 240 pixels. You’ll be able to customize the watch for all occasions thanks to 14 different watch faces.

As this is a hybrid, there are smart mechanical hands that serve to flag up smartphone text, reminder and other notifications. You can answer messages instantly with the quick reply item as well as select and navigate via the smart crown button, control your music and remotely operate a smartphone camera.

In terms of other functionality, the hybrid comes with some basic fitness abilities. This includes the usual activity, sleep and heart rate tracking. NoiseFit Fusion communicates this info via Bluetooth 4.0 to the accompanying iOS or Android smartphone app.

Powering everything is a 200mAh battery. This can keep the thing going for up to a month in pure analogue mode and around 3 days when all the smart functionality is enabled. It also features support for wireless charging.

All in all the premium looking device seems to be a decent offering, particularly if you take in consideration the price. NoiseFit Fusion is going for ₹6,999 on the manufacturer’s website which equates to around $98. It is also available on certain retail outlets such as Amazon in India. No word yet on international availability.

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