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Checking your Google Fit stats should be speedier from now on

A Google Fit update has made it easier than ever to access your activity metrics. They are now just a simple tap or swipe away.

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With each successive software refresh, Google is improving its fitness app. An update at the end of last year brought sleep patterns and a dark theme in addition to the default white one. Prior to that, the app gained home screen widgets, monthly activity challenges, improvements in activity tracking and breathing exercises. Step count was also ditched in favor of Move Minutes and Heart Points a while back.

Now we have a new update which is smaller but nevertheless useful. It focussed on making your stats more accessible. And let’s face it, no-one wants to spend lots of time digging around looking for their activity data.

Whether you are on Android or iOS, the process should be quicker from now as you don’t need to directly open the dedicated app. On Android you have a choice of swiping from the home screen to get movement information or tapping the Google Fit widget. For iOS phones, a simple left swipe to the widget in the Today view will do the trick. You will need to make sure you have the Google Fit widget enabled in the feed, though.


The small upgrade in functionality is not going to make very many headlines, nor will be a deciding factor for moving over to Google’s platform. But not having to open the app to get a tracking report is something that should make the life of Google Fit users a bit easier.

The latest update has started making its rounds now. This is a tiered rollout so it may take a few days before it reaches everyone.

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