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UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets

Ultra violet (UV) radiation is edited by sun-rays and also produced by specialized lights. Suntan, freckling and sunburn are all familiar effects of over-exposure, along with a higher risk of skin cancer. We would be severely damaged by ultraviolet radiation if most of it was not filtered out by our Earth’s atmosphere.

However, its not all bad news as the UV spectrum also has beneficial effects on human health. Ultraviolet is responsible for the formation of bone-strengthening vitamin D in most land vertebrates, including humans. Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a global pandemic.

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Smart UV wearables are few and far between. While there are a handful of devices, their number pales when compared to the wide range of fitness and activity trackers on the market. Depending on the brand, they either clip on to your clothes, come in the form of wearable bands, or have an adhesive that sticks directly to your skin. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

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L’Oreal My UV Patch | L’Oréal UV Sense | Shade | SunFriend | Rooti CliMate | Netamo June | SunKnown UV detector

L’Oreal My UV Patch

Smart UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: L’Oreal

The French cosmetics company is the first beauty outfit to enter the stretchable electronics field with its smart UV monitor. Released a couple of years ago, it measures approximately one square inch in area and 50 micrometers in depth. The patch works similar to a removable tattoo or a nicotine patch, sticking to the skin for five days. Once applied, the wearable is showerproof, has no batteries, and there is no initial cost or ongoing cost.

My UV patch contains photosensitive dyes that factor in the baseline skin tone and change colours when exposed to UV rays. Consumers take a photo of the patch and upload it via NFC to the accompanying smartphone app. The software then analyzes the varying photosensitive dye squares to determine the amount of UV exposure.

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L’Oreal My UV Sense

Smart UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: L’Oreal

L’Oreal followed this up with the first battery-free wearable electronic UV sensor. UV Sense is tiny enough to wear on a fingernail, pair of sunglasses, running shoes, etc. – essentially any item that is exposed to the sun. The little wearable changes colour to indicate UV levels and can connect to your phone via NFC to show exposure trends and tell you when its time to apply sun-screen.

UV Sense is less than two millimeters thick and just nine millimeters wide. Out of the box it can be used for up to two weeks, but you get additional adhesives to extend its life. You can also clip it on to things.

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Shade UV sensor

Smart UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: Shade

This is a attachable sensor that tells you the exact amount of UV light you can be exposed to before increasing your chances of skin damage. And when we say exact, we’re not kidding. Its validated to be as precise as laboratory equipment and is even sensitive enough to measure UV rays from light bulbs.

Using a powerful magnet, you are meant to wear Shade on a t-shirt, jacket or bag. The wearable will then dish out notifications as you get closer to your UV limit. Wearing sunscreen? No sweat. The sensor will take that into account, too.

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SunFriend Personal UV Monitor

Smart UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: SunFriend

An Indiegogo backed project back in 2014, this was one of the first UV monitors on the market. The water-resistant gizmo is a non-bluetooth device, which means it works independent of phones. Instead, LED’s flash to alert you as you reach your daily limit of safer UV exposure.

You set your own personal sensitivity level to match your specific skin type and color, and the rest of the work is done as you wear it. The inexpensive bracelet helps you optimize vitamin D from the sun while preventing overexposure, and has been approved by the Vitamin D Council for that purpose.

Oh, and you can forget about charging. The battery the is encased in the SunFriend is good for up to 3 years.


Rooti CliMate Environment Tracker

Smart UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: Rooti

Originally a Kickstarter backer project, CliMate is a tiny, cloud-shaped tracker that measures humidity, UV light and temperature of your immediate environment. It can be kept on a stand inside a room or worn on a lanyard outside your clothing or bag. Based on your pre-entered information and the readings it receives, it will send you alerts telling you when to slap on some suncream.

A cartoon plant will show your status in the mobile app. When you’re protected, the plant flourishes. When you’re exposed, it withers away.


Netamo June

Smart UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: Netatmo

Now a few years old, Netatmo June adds a fashion touch to sun exposure monitoring. Prepped with personalized information about your skin tone, this piece of jewelry measures ultra-violet exposure throughout the day and communicates with your smartphone so you get real-time advice about how to keep your skin safe.

The bracelet is decorated with a piece crafted to resemble a large diamond and is available in a number of colours. June is rechargeable, and will run about a month on a single charge.


UV monitors, stay safe in the sun with one of these gadgets
Image source: SunKnown

SunKnown UV detector

This is a hand-held UV light meter that measures UV light and calculates its index. Simply point it at the sun and press a button to get a read-out.

The results are presented as an index that shows separate values for UVA and UVB. For those not in the know both of these are harmful rays. Long wave ultraviolet A (UVA) penetrate deep into the skin’s dermis, while short wave ultraviolet B (UVB) effect the outer layers of your skin.

The battery powered device has a monitor that displays the information and it also functions as a clock, alarm and calendar. You can carry it in your hand or use the strap and its built-in-ring to attach it to your bag or clothes.


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