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Tempo opens up pre-orders for its $1995 all-in-one home fitness studio

Tempo has opened up pre-orders for a $1995 home-workout system. The device tracks movements to provide an immersive and personalized fitness experience via its 42-inch tall screen.

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The company has recently announced it raised a cool $17.5 million via Series A funding to bring the product to market. Pre-orders have opened up today . Unfortunately, the system doesn’t come cheap. A $250 deposit is required, along with a $39 monthly content subscription. The rest of the $1750 will need to be paid in before the product ships this summer.

Tempo opens up sales for its $1995 home-workout mirror
Image source: Tempo

Tempo Studio has a 3D vision camera with motion sensors that scan the person standing in front of it 30 times per second. There’s a giant 42-inch display built into the cabinet that shows off your form. The system analyzes 25 of your body’s essential joints and lets you know if you’re performing the exercises correctly.

The screen also displays a person’s workout stats such as reps, heart rate and calories burned. Plus there are tailored suggestions such as recommended reps and weights based on a user’s progress.

The price includes a set of dumbbells, barbells, free weights, a heart rate monitor, workout mat, foam roller and more. All of this stores away nicely into the cabinet.

Every single product in the market took a piece of equipment out of a gym and slapped a screen on it” says Tempo CEO and co-founder Moawia Eldeeb.

“You need to be able to see a user to actually be able to give them guidance so they can work out safely. We wanted to build a fitness experience from the ground up with training and form feedback at the core of it.”

For a more immersive gym experience, the monthly subscription buys you access to live and on-demand strength and high intensity interval training classes. This provides the feel of working out with others and you’ll even get feedback on the display how others are doing. The on-demand classes also have live coaches evaluating your form and providing you with feedback.

Tempo opens up sales for its $1995 home-workout mirror
Image source: Tempo

Tempo is not the only company looking to bring a gym into your living room. Huami’s take on the concept is the Amazfit Home Studio. Announced at CES 2020, it consists of a connected fitness treadmill paired with a huge 43-inch Premium 1080P HD Screen called the GLASS and a 3D camera. The GLASS can also be used on its own to take, for example, stretching or yoga classes.

No word yet on the launch date or price for Amazfit Home Studio. In a bid to take on Peloton, Huami promises the price point will be very competitive.

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