Oppo’s first smartwatch: more details, teaser images revealed

Oppo’s first ever smartwatch is launching on March 6th. In the run-up to the big day, the company has provided us with a few more teaser images.

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The three pics show the watch blending into different backgrounds. One of them shows a waterfall with the timepiece providing the illusion that water is falling from the edge of its display. Another shows the device blending in with desert sand and the third shows it amongst snow covered mountains.

More details, pics revealed on Oppo’s first smartwatch

The images provide some more clues as to technical specifications. We now know the watch will come with a 1.91” curved display and will reach 326 PPI resolution. Oppo Watch will also have 100% DCI-P3 color gamut.

It’s clear this will be an Apple Watch-like device. But there are a few design differences. The clear distinction is that the Oppo Watch does not have a crown. Instead, it has two long buttons on the right, one of which has a LED indicator in the middle. A microphone hole can be found between them.

We don’t know the full technical specs but you can bet the timepiece will come with the usual fitness sensors, including heart rate and most likely built-in GPS. According to rumors, it may also come with an ECG (electrocardiogram) sensor. If this turns out to be accurate, it will be something else it shares with the Apple Watch.

The device will run on Android and have 3D glass. It is also know it supports eSIM which will work both in China and telecoms outside the country.

The official Oppo Twitter account has shared an official press render of the watch the other day, showcasing the calling screen. This also confirmed the official launch date.

Vice President and President of Global Marketing for Oppo, Brian Shen, has said the device would be a “game changer” for smartwatches. We have not seen anything yet that would justify this claim but let’s reserve judgement until March 6th when all will be revealed.

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