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Amazfit app gets a fresh new look, additional data

Amazfit app gets a fresh new look, additional dataThe Android version of the Amazfit app is benefiting from a UI refresh. The default page now shows an overview of all your health data at a glance, and there are some additional metrics to sync your teeth into.

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This is the app that is used for a range of Huami-made watches. This includes the Amazfit Stratos range, GTS, GTR, Nexo, Bip range, Verge range, Pace and more.

Some users have already received the update as indicated by a thread on Reddit. One of them has uploaded a snapshot which shows a gorgeous dark dashboard with tiles for individual health and fitness data categories.

The app version is 4.0.0 but this is not live on Google Play just yet even though a number of users have managed to update their software via a simple Play Store update. You can try refreshing your software. If that doesn’t work some patience may be needed till the app hits the Google store.

The notes accompanying the release are as follows:

  • Updated the page layout to show all of your health data at a glance;
  • Included additional data such as body composition, measurements and health signs for you to manage all aspects of your health;
  • Added My Tools to the home page, providing quick access to corresponding features;
  • Added the Learn More About tab, where you can discover more secrets about your device.

It’s possible the users that have successfully installed the software are in China. Huami typically releases an update in Asia before proceeding to US and European countries. Hopefully the iOS counterpart will also benefit from the UI refresh in due course.

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3 thoughts on “Amazfit app gets a fresh new look, additional data

  • I tried to install the 4.0.0 APK on my phone and it says “App not installed”. I loaned it from a friend who already received the update via Play Store. We both are in India and using the international version of the watch app.
    It seems that the update is available for Android 10 phones and not for Android 9. Because that’s the only real difference between our phones and that APK fails to install on my phone. Any clues? I have an Amazfit Pace.

    • Update: The update has started rolling out today for me. Received it via Play Store.

  • Love the new look of the Amazfit app! Keep up the good work!


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