Apple’s Fitness App to let users download free guided workout videos

Apple is reportedly working on a new fitness-related app. Designed to run on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, it will let users download guided workout videos for free.

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Apple’s iOS14 fitness app to let users download workout videos
These are some of the exercises that will be available in the fitness app

There have been a string of reports, based on leaked code, on features we might see in iOS14. The software has even revealed upgrades that will come as part of watchOS 7. This includes the long overdue native sleep tracking functionality, along with pulse Ox, additional watch faces and customisation options, parental controls and more.

We now have another fitness-related leak. This one is to do with a new standalone app that Apple is reportedly developing. Codenamed “Seymour”, the software will run alongside the standard Activity app rather than replacing it. It is not yet clear what it will be called, but some have mentioned Apple Fit and Apple Fitness as possibilities.

According to MacRumors, the app will mostly focus on guided workouts. Users will be able to download different fitness and activity videos to their iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. This includes everything from indoor running, to stretching, core training, dance and yoga. They will then get instructions on how to complete these activities. In essence, this will be a simplified version of employing a personal trainer. The Apple Watch will track a user’s progress and sync the information with the smartphone.

All of this will apparently be free. It seems Apple is not planning on charging users as there are no optional in-app purchases. Bad news for personal trainers, good news for the rest of us. Not that personal trainers should feel threatened, there will always be a large market for customised training.

It’s worth emphasising that these are just rumours for now. We will know when iOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 are officially unveiled between June 3 and 7. Coronavirus-permitting, this is when Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in California is set to take place.

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