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The $30 UMIDIGI UFit watch has blood oxygen monitoring & heart rate

UMIDIGI has revealed its latest smartwatch earlier today. At only $29.99, UMIDIGI UFit comes with PulseOx, heart rate and more.

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This is not the first smartwatch from the Chinese manufacturer but it is its most feature packed. The Shenzen city-based outfit has been around since 2012, which is pretty long in the world of smartwatch makers. Its specialty, however, are smartphones. So far, UMIDIGI has released 55 of them.

The most interesting thing about this new smartwatch is the price-tag. For just $29.99 you get a sensor-packed device. The watch is on pre-sale at AliExpress with wider retail availability expected from March 27th. The retailer is currently selling the watch for $59.98, but this is expected to drop during the day. This is an offer valid only for a few days, while supplies last.

The $30 UMIDIGI UFit comes with Blood oxygen monitoring and heart rate
Image source: UMIDIGI

So what do you get for $30?

The 5 ATM rated device (water-resistance down to 50 meters depth) comes with the usual tracking of steps, activity (9 sports modes) and sleep, in addition to 24/7 heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking. This last is of most interest as it’s a feature that even the Apple Watch does not currently have.

Garmin is the most established big brand name in this area, and a number of its devices have SpO2. Fitbit has only recently made available the functionality. One of the symptoms of the coronavirus is low blood oxygen level, not that you’ll be able to diagnose the condition with any of these watches.

Regardless, you’ll struggle to find a device on the market with these sensors that sells for such a low price. In terms of design, UMIDIGI UFit is another Apple Watch clone. We’ve seen many of them recently including the Xiaomi Mi Watch and more recently Oppo Watch.

The enclosure is made of 316 stainless steel combined with a 2.5D curved protective glass. The full colour touch display measures 1.3 inches.

Battery life is excellent thanks to the company’s proprietary software. With normal daily use and heart rate monitoring switched on, the watch will keep going for around 10 days. This can be extended to a month with limited functionality.

The $30 UMIDIGI UFit comes with Blood oxygen monitoring and heart rate
Image source: UMIDIGI

It’s difficult to recommend UMIDIGI UFit based on specs alone. Real-world customer reviews will reveal how well the watch actually performs. But it is good that we are seeing an increasing number of manufacturers jumping in to make health and fitness tracking affordable for everyone.

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