Huawei’s smart water bottle has a display with real-time temperature

Huawei has quietly launched an intelligent water bottle. It has a display on the lid which which shows the real-time temperature, along with water quality.

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Huawei’s smart water bottle has a display on the lid with real-time temperatureThe Smart Insulation Cup is built from a three-layer stainless steel structure. This can keep water hot or cold for up to 24 hours. The bottle itself is IPx7 certified so can be washed normally along with your other dishes, and is said to be sturdy so resistant to falls. Battery life is about a month on a single charge.

Apart from keeping your liquids insulated, the thing will also let you know the temperature of what’s inside. This is shown prominently on the display which sits on top of the cap. The three colour prompts are there to make things easier. Blue indicates that water is below 35° C, orange that its between 36° – 50° C, and red denotes temperatures 50° C and above.

Another cool feature is TDS water-quality detection. The three letters stand for total dissolved solids and the metric represents the total concentration of dissolved substances in water. This function can be activated by long-pressing the screen. Once its done doing its thing the water quality will be displayed on the cap. This certainly sounds like a useful feature and is something we have not seen before in an intelligent water-bottle.

Of course, there is a smartphone software to go along with all of this. The Huawei HiLink app also shows the real-time temperature of the liquid and lets users customise up to 15 drinking alarms. They are sure to get your attention as they come in the form of vibrating the flask and flashing the display lid.

The Huawei Smart Insulation Cup has been listed on Huawei Mall in China. The price when converted into the US currency is a sensible $20. We will update this article when and if international availability is announced.

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