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Apple designs a protective face shield in its response to the ongoing crisis

Apple has designed an easy to assemble, protective face shield which it is shipping to frontline medical professionals that are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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When we wrote about an imaginary concept of an Apple coronavirus protection mask a few weeks ago, we never dreamt there really would be such a thing. Granted it doesn’t look anything like the concept Just Studio come up with. Pictured below, it offers a few options, all ridiculously overpriced. There’s even an imaginary Hermes version along with Pro and budget editions.

Apple Mask, a funny concept of an alternative take on coronavirus protection
Source: Just Studio

Instead of all that nonsense, Apple has come up with a proper face shield for medical health professionals to use in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The outfit brought together product designers, engineering, operations, packaging teams, and suppliers to design and produce the much needed protection gear.

The first batch has already rolled off the production line and been shipped to the Kaiser hospital in the Santa Clara Valley, US. The company plans to dispatch one million face shields per week to locations in the United States, and in time to other countries.

The product is built from plastic based synthetics and is a one size fits all affair. Apple says, face shields can be assembled in just two minutes and are fully adjustable. What’s more, they fold neatly away so you can actually squeeze 100 of them in a single box.

Apple designs a protective face shield in its response to the ongoing crisis
Image source: Apple

The California-based tech giant has also increased the number of run-of-the mill face masks it shipped around the world to some 20 million. Tim Cook says they are working with governments at all levels to make sure the masks are placed where they are needed most.

You can watch the video in his tweet below.


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