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Ask and you shall receive… Garmin scale gets multiple daily weigh-ins.

Ask and you shall receive! (eventually…) A few years after its launch, the Garmin Index scale finally gets multiple daily weigh-ins.

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Garmin sent out an email informing users who were on its mailing list of the newly added ability. The functionality comes in firmware version 3.10 of the scale and the latest iteration of Garmin Connect. All of this should update automatically over Wi-Fi.

Ask and you shall receive… Garmin scale gets multiple daily weigh-ins.

Garmin Index is a perfectly decent scale. A popular choice with those who already own other Garmin products , it always had an important feature missing. The app would remember only one log result per day.

So if you weighed yourself multiple times, it would override the previous result with the new one. Needless to say, this is not ideal. It posed particular issues for athletes who want a morning baseline and also use the scale to evaluate post-workout hydration needs, or those with certain health issues.

The firmware refresh resolves this. Not only that, the algorithm will go back and populate data from multiple weigh-ins in Garmin Connect from the preceding month or so. .

Other features remains the same. The scale measures your body mass index, body fat percentage, water percentage, muscle mass and bone mass. All of this is displayed on a brightly lit LCD display with extra large numbers for easy visibility.

Garmin is rumoured to be working on the Index 2 scale. A software leak from last year lists the hardware amongst devices that should land in the near future. The company has some catching up to do.

Withings scales are currently our pick of the bunch, due to their seamless performance, sleek looks and wide range of functions. There’s also notable competition from the likes of Fitbit, Xiaomi, Polar, Qardio and Yunmai.

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