Lumen, the device that hacks your metabolism is available for purchase

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Smart scales are nothing new. Step on one of these, and your weight data will magically find its way to a corresponding app on your mobile device or web dashboard. Using the app or dashboard, you can then track your progress over time. But its 2020 and that’s not nearly enough.

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Lumen is a unique pocket-sized device that wants to reinvent weight management by monitoring your metabolism and providing a customised nutrition plan. And it does all this by measuring the level of CO2 in your breath.

We first covered the device when it was launched in back 2018 via Indiegogo. An impressive $2.4 million was raised on the platform from around 10,000 backers. After suffering a few delays in manufacturing Lumen is now available for purchase to all.

You might think your metabolism is the same each day, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It all depends on what you eat, how much you exercise, how much you sleep and more.

Our bodies tap into to main sources of energy: carbohydrates and fat. Knowing the ratio at which these two are currently being used is important to achieving your health and weight goals.

With just one breath, Lumen tells you what you’re using for energy. At least, that’s the claim. It measures the CO2 production and O2 uptake in your breath, to calculate how much energy is being burned from carbohydrates and how much from fat. This allows you to see what’s going on with your body in real-time.

Lumen requires calibration for a day where it learns the ins and outs of your metabolism. It takes a few more days for the algorithms to be fine tuned. But after that you are good to go.

You can use the gizmo each morning to receive direction on how yesterday’s meals and activity are affecting your metabolism. A specific daily goal for carb consumption is then churned out by the app, along with recommended meal combinations. Throughout the day, you can take additional breaths to make sure you’re on track.

The device can, for example, be used to learn whether you have enough energy for a workout or need to fuel up. Or to see the impact of your workout afterwards. There are some studies which confirm is efficacy, too. They can be found on these links 1, 2. The research hasn’t been peer reviewed, though.

The nutritionist in your pocket is currently going for $299 on Lumen’s website.

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3 thoughts on “Lumen, the device that hacks your metabolism is available for purchase

  • I don’t see how this could possibly be reliable. I can’t see any pier reviewed scientific papers listed to support it, just TV show programs with the flashy “fat is removed as CO2 in your breath!” titles. Ok sure, this may be the case, however I don’t see how this could be reliable. You have receptors that tell your body when the CO2/carbonic acid content in your body is increasing… and you breathe to keep the pH within your blood stream within a narrow set of parameters. Is there any concrete evidence that shows that the CO2 content of your breath, reliably increases by a set amount when you are burning fats rather than protein/suger/carbs? Or do you just breathe slightly faster/deeper to mitigate that effect, much like you’d breath faster after doing some exercise to return your body back to it’s preferred levels. If people are going to spend that much on a “quick fix” gimick, they’d be better off investing in a dietician appointment or some good healthy cookbooks.

  • Sound Great! But I think it is in the initial stage of development. Is it approved by any Government Authorities like FDA?

    • I don’t think so.


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