Multiple promotional posters released of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, press event on June 11th

Xiaomi have released the first official image of Mi Band 5. The company had earlier confirmed that a press conference will be held on June 11th to mark the launch of the device. The wearable is expected to come with a larger display, an SpO2 sensor, Amazon Alexa functionality and women’s health functions.

Larger display

The current generation introduced a new full colour AMOLED display with 120 x 240 pixel resolution. It is also larger in size than previously coming in a 0.95 inches (versus 0.78 inches). Other features remained pretty much unchanged.

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This will be the second year in a row Xiaomi is increasing the size of the screen. The one on Mi Band 5 will be 1.2 inches. The company has decided to keep the signature home button in the lower part of the panel.

Other rumours and leaks

It also expected Mi Band 5 will support NFC outside of China for the first time. The gen 4 has the chip for payments on the go, but it doesn’t work outside the country. This means NFC on Mi Band 5 will likely support Google Pay and other payment services.

Another new feature is an SpO2 function which monitors blood oxygen levels in the body. Not many budget fitness trackers have this.

What’s more, it seems Mi Band 5 will come with Amazon Alexa as assistant. It is not the first device from the manufacturer to have this assistant but it is the first Mi Band to have it.

Something else that has been revealed is female health tracking and support for remote mobile pics taking. Other additions will be 5 new sports modes: yoga, rowing machine, skipping rope, indoor bicycle and elliptical machine.

Xiaomi has released several official promotional posters today which shows Mi Band in several color variants which include green, red, yellow and black. The image also confirms NFC functionality, some of the new exercises modes, the female health function and pulse oxygen readings.

The first official image of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, launch on June 11th The first official image of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, launch on June 11th The first official image of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, launch on June 11th

Launch date

Mi Band 4 saw the light of day on June 11th last year, and Xiaomi has been releasing new generations of the device pretty much every year. We didn’t expect Mi Band 5 would be arriving on exactly the same day as the previous generation but it is.

June 11th is once again the date when it will be announced, with availability starting from June 18th in China. You can already pre-order it, though, on Gearbest.

As far as price, the Mi Band was always a budget friendly wearable. It will retail below the 30 US dollar mark in China and slightly more abroad.

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    • Hi there, PAI feature is already visible in positioning menu. I suppose that will be enabled in one of the nearest firmware updates or (more possible) with premiere of new MiBand in version 5.


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