iOS 13.6 beta adds a new Symptoms tracking section in the Health App

iOS 13.6 Beta seeded today slaps on a new Symptoms tracking section. The update also adds toggle control on whether software updates should be done automatically.

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As originally spotted by MacRumors, Beta version 13.6 of iOS adds a new section in the Health app that allows users to quickly and easily specify a wide range of symptoms. This includes acne, body and muscle ache, chills, congestion, headache and nausea to name a few.

To use the new functionality, simply open up the Symptoms tab in the Health app and you’ll be presented with a long list to choose from. Clicking on any symptom allows you to add data and specify details such as Severe, Moderate, Mild, Present or Not Present.

Health app iOS 13.6 beta released today adds a Symptoms Tracking section

There’s also a chart illustrating trends, along with Apple’s description of the symptom down below. Possibly inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic, the goal here is to provide a way for users to monitor and log various illness-related symptoms. This will allow patients to share even more information with medical staff when needed.

The Health app already has the ability to add symptoms, but this is only for those related to female health. There is an option related to menstruation tracking but this new Symptoms section is much more comprehensive and all-encompassing.

Apart from the usual bug fixes, the Beta also introduces customization options for iOS updates on iPhones and iPads. This provides you with toggle control on whether future installations should be done automatically when connected to WiFi. You also have more say on when these are installed (for example overnight).

The software is currently in Beta. There’s no word yet on when iOS 13.6 will be available for public release.

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