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Fitbit app hits new milestone with 50 million downloads on Google Play Store

The Fitbit app has just slammed through the 50 million download mark on the Google Play Store. This doesn’t mean there are this many devices in use, though.

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The company offers a range of wearables for the average person who does the occasional run or cycle here and there. The most popular of the lot are those in the Charge and Versa range. In fact Charge 4 is our recommended fitness tracker and Versa 2 is one of the best options out there if you are after a fitness watch.

The 50 million figure is impressive but it needs to be put into context as it does not really reveal much about how many active Android Fitbit users there are. This is because there are some that would have installed and deleted the app, and a few who might own multiple Fitbit devices so need only one app installation. And let’s not forget those who might use the app without a Fitbit – the software offers basic tracking capabilities on its own.

Fitbit app hits new milestone with 50 million downloads on Play Store

Fitbit says it has some 28 million active users. However, a large proportion of these owns iOS devices so will not be included in the Android app count. Unfortunately, Apple’s App Store does not reveal the number of installs so there is no way to do a comparison. Regardless, 50 million is a respectable figure and new milestone for Fitbit, even though it doesn’t really give us a picture of how the company is doing.

No doubt, the current COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown of gyms and other recreational venues will have contributed to an increase in apps downloaded. Fitbit has even introduced incentives during lockdown to prompt users to use the app. This offers creative ways to move while at home, options to connect to doctors online and coronavirus info from the World Health Organization.

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