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Garmin’s new smart scale will be called Index S2

We always suspected Garmin was working on a successor to its Index scale. This has been confirmed today thanks to a new FCC filing.

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The previous iteration suffered from connection issues for a while which were subsequently resolved. The other annoyance was that Garmin Connect would only remember one daily weigh-in – the most recent one.

So if you weighed yourself multiple times, it would override the previous result with the new one. Needless to say, this was not ideal. It posed particular issues for athletes who want a morning baseline and also use the scale to evaluate post-workout hydration needs. Thankfully a firmware refresh from April 2020 finally resolved this issue, and now all weigh-ins are logged.

But Index scale is well due for an update having been released in the now distant 2015. Back then there was not much competition but now this is a crowded space. Our favorite are Withings scales that are reliable and have a wide range of functions.

FCC listing

Garmin’s new smart scale passes through FCCThe first hint that a new Index scale was on the cards was a software leak last year. A new scale was listed amongst a slew of upcoming Garmin devices including the Forerunner 955, Forerunner 955 LTE, Fenix 6 Sport and more.

Today an FCC listing has confirmed this. The label information reveals that the new scale will be called Garmin Index S2.

In addition to weight, the old scale measures Body Mass Index (BMI), Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Body Fat Percentage and Water Percentage. It will be interesting to see what its successor has in store. The only thing that can be gathered from the FCC documents is that it will be powered by 4 AAA batteries.

More reliability and accuracy is always nice. As are new metrics, perhaps even some exotic ones for a smart scale such as heart rate and blood pressure.

A design refresh is always likely. The current scale has a bright display with extra large numbers against a black background, allowing easy visibility. Let’s hope Garmin sticks with that.

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