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Samsung Health ditches weight management, caffeine & calorie tracking

Samsung has announced it will remove weight management, caffeine and calorie tracking from future iterations of its Health app.

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The news was first announced in Germany. The end of service notice (via Sammobile) reads as follows (translation from German).

Weight management, caffeine and calorie tracking are no longer available in new versions of Samsung Health (starting with 6.11 for Samsung Health Mobile, 4.10 for Samsung Health Galaxy Watch). Clock faces can no longer display this data.

Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit users who still use the “Caffeine”, “Weight Management” and “Calories” widgets in older versions will no longer be able to check the content on their phones when downloading Samsung Health Mobile version 6.11. The related data stored in Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit can only be saved temporarily and will be deleted after a certain time.

Exactly what’s going on is not entirely clear. It’s usually the other way around, companies add new functionality on top of the old. It’s rare to see features being done away with. And Samsung has done a good job in recent years of upgrading its app with features such as female health tracking.

No doubt many people won’t be happy. It means they will lose some functionality. If you use widgets for monitoring the above mentioned metrics on a Samsung wearable they will no longer sync data to the smartphone software. The good news is that if you have a smart scale, it will still sync to the app. It is only “weight management” that has been removed.

Samsung Health ditches weight, caffeine & calorie tracking
Image source: Samsung

To see what version of the app you are on, head over to Health Settings/About Samsung Health. The same can be done for Health Galaxy Watch on your phone by going to apps/manage apps/Samsung Health.

When the new apps reach you depends on the app store, your country, region, mobile operator, device model, etc. But the rollout of both Samsung Health Mobile version 6.11 and Health Galaxy Watch 4.10 will start this month. A notification of the change is expected to roll out to all Samsung Health users soon.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Health ditches weight management, caffeine & calorie tracking

  • So guys, I tested version 6.11 and YES !! HAS THE WEIGHT OPTION!
    And yes, it synchronizes with the “smart” scales, that is, those scales that connect to the cell phone.
    What Samsung withdrew was “caffeine” and “weight management”.

    VIDEO I made showing:

    • Thanks – good to know. I’ll amend the article accordingly.


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