ThermBot: the contactless, tiny, FDA-approved thermometer for those on the go

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Contactless thermometers are all the rage these days due to the coronavirus pandemic. We see them at airports and many other places. An interesting new one that you can purchase for home use is being funded now on Kickstarter. What makes this one different is the great design.

Infrared thermometers capture thermal radiation emitted by an object. These gadgets are sometimes referred to as laser thermometers, as a laser is used to help aim the thermometer. They require no actual contact with the physical object.

ThermBot is designed for home or on the go. The size of a 9v battery but thinner, it looks like a keychain. In fact it comes with a snug silicone case in a choice of colours which can be attached to your keys. Or you can just leave it in your pocket, pop it into your bag or rucksack. Ideal for daily commute, camping and other trips.

The thing plugs into a smartphone (iPhone or Android) from where it draws power. Simply point it at your head (0.4 to 1.9 inches) and you’ll get an instant reading in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Most important of all, the thermometer is 100% clinically accurate. The gizmo must have received one of the fastest FDA approvals in history. GTTFP Holdings says all it took was 5 minutes on the phone with a FDA Emergency Hotline Senior Agent to secure their nod of approval.

There’s no need to worry about charging the battery. In addition to your phone, ThermBot also works with power-banks and tablets. Just plug it in to use it. There’s an elegant solution in the form of a slider button on board which ejects the retractable Type-C connecter.

You’ll be happy to know ThermBot doesn’t require an app to function. In fact, there is no app. But you can integrate its readings and connect it via Bluetooth to wellness tracking apps, smart assistants as well as an IFTTT protocol.

You cannot be too careful these days. A ThermBot will set you back $99 on Kickstarter which is actually a bit steep for a thermometer. This is, however, a third off of its price of $149 once it’s out for retail. Delivery to backers is expected by the end of this year.

Price: $99 and up

Funding open:

$22,397 raised out of $18,000 goal
29 days left

Estimated delivery: December 2020

View on:

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