PouchPASS: round the clock smart wrist thermometer

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PouchPASS is innovative new solution for screening the health and temperature of you and your family around the clock.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things. We are more mindful of maintaining proper hygiene and washing our hands often. In the absence of a vaccine this is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the flue-like disease.

They say that measuring temperature and blood oxygen are important when it comes to COVID-19. Some people have very mild to non-existant symptoms, but those that are more affected will experience a spike in temperature followed, in some cases, by a fall in blood oxygen levels.

Smart thermometers are nothing new. But these devices provide one-off measurements. There are few devices outside of hospital settings that can measure the temperature of a person 24/7.

The PouchPASS wristband is a gadget that aims to fill this space. Its Indiegogo campaign launched a couple of weeks ago and it has easily surpassed its funding goal many times over.

With its hypoallergenic silicone and polycarbonate body, the device looks like a plain old fitness tracker. But instead of tracking your steps PouchBAND keeps tabs on your temperature continuously with clinical grade accuracy.

The readings sync wirelessly with the accompanying smartphone app where you can view a log and analyze trends. There’s also the option of switching on an alarm that will notify you of significant changes in body temperature.

This could also be a solution for businesses. For that purpose there’s a PouchBand Plus with built-in NFC. This allows companies to tap into a data dashboard which can show the temperature of all people in the organization and track contact history. The NFC can also be used for contactless payments.

Best of all, there’s no charging required. The thing works with a CR2032 coin-cell battery that will keep going for up to 6 months.

PouchBand comes in three different size options and a total of 5 colours. Each wristband weights only 10 grams and is water-resistant.

Price: $47 SGD and up

Funding open:

$88,361 SGD raised out of $10,000 SGD goal
12 days left

Estimated delivery: September 2020

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