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Samsonite Konnect-i backpack borrows Google Jacquard tech

Samsonite has integrated Google Jacquard technology into an intelligent backpack called Konnect-i. It allows users to send commands by interacting with the left strap.

The search giant’s Jacquard technology is about four years old now. A number of products come with the smarts including the original $350 Commuter Jacket jacket, the Trucker Jacket and the Sherpa Jacket all developed together with Levi’s.

Another product is the Adidas and EA GMR shoe insert. The smart soccer insoles have a built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and microprocessor inside. This allows the gear to keep tabs on your movements on the pitch, collecting data on ground covered, kicks, ball touch and other control metrics.

But that’s not where it ends. The tech comes as part of the high-end $1,000 Saint Laurent’s Cit-E backpack. And now Google its doing the same with luggage manufacturer and retailer Samsonite, only the product is much more affordable this time around.

Samsonite Konnect-i backpack borrows Google’s Jacquard tech
Image source: Samsonite

While Samsonite Konnect-i looks like a traditional backpack, the left strap is integrated with the Jacquard technology tag. This enables it to respond to touch and tap gestures. The strap is also where a LED indicator sits and lights up depending on the alerts you’ve set up.

You can do lots of nifty things with the backpack in addition to getting notifications, such as controlling your phone’s camera, triggering a selfie, pausing and skipping a song and more. You can also ask Google Assistant questions through the backpack. All of the gestures can be customized via the Jacquard app.

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There are two versions to choose from on the Samsonite online store. The Slim will set you back $199 while the Standard costs $219. The main difference between them is the first has a vertical zipper wile the second has a horizontal one. Google says it will roll out updates to Jacquart Tag gear so you can expect your backpack to get smarter over time.

Source: Google

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