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Realme Watch S gets a reveal in the UK and Europe

Realme has made its Watch S official in the UK and a number of other European countries. It was previously only available in some Asian countries.

This is the second smartwatch launched this year by the Oppo spin-off brand. The first was unveiled early in 2020. That one was an Apple Watch knock-off that packed a similar design into something that doesn’t cost nearly as much.

Realme Watch S – specs

But now we’re getting something quite different. The budget price is the same but pretty much everything else has changed.

For starters, the timepiece is round and constructed of an aluminium alloy. The body houses a 1.3 inch, 360×360 pixel (PPI 278), auto-brightness, AMOLED touchscreen. This is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass to add an extra layer of robustness.

Realme Watch S gets a reveal in the UK and Europe

Everything is attached to one of four different colored, removable 22mm silicone bands. The actual dimensions of the Android-only watch are – diameter 47.0mm, depth 12.0mm and 48 grams in weight. This makes it quite large.

Under the hood is a 3-axis accelerometer, heart rate sensor, photosensitive sensor and wearing monitor sensors. They have the ability to throw up a bunch of health stats including: automated heart rate measurement, 24-hour realtime heart rate, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, heart rate alert, blood oxygen measurements, sleep detection, steps, calories, distance, calories, water reminder, ideal alert and activity recovers. Pretty much, all standard stuff these days.

Realme Watch S gets a reveal in the UK and Europe

The 16 sports modes include outdoor run, walk, indoor run, outdoor cycle, aerobic capacity, strength training, football, basketball, pingpong, badminton, indoor cycle, elliptical, yoga, rowing machine, and stationary bike. Swimming is not on this list as Realme Watch S is only stamped with an IP68 water resistant rating. This means it will be fine with the occasional splash, but don’t plan on going showering with it.

Outside of health and fitness, you have 100 watch-faces to choose from, notifications, music control, Find my phone, a remote camera shutter and more.

The Realme Link App is currently available only on Android devices. The company says that are working hard to bring the same experience to iOS devices soon.

Battery life is quite good. The 390mAh capacity one can keep things going for up to 15 days before needing a recharge. It also comes with long standby in case you don’t have the charger to hand.

Price and availability

Realme Watch S is another budget timepiece from the outfit. It costs just £74.99 which works out to roughly 100 US dollars. This is more than the original Realme Watch which costs about half as much. No word yet on when the watch will be coming to the US.

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