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Disney and Vodafone join forces on a fun smartwatch for kids

Disney and Vodafone have teamed up on a fun smartwatch for kids. Here’s all you need to know about Neo.

Neo – design and technical specs

The highlight of the watch is the colorful design, courtesy of Disney. You can choose from a bunch of sidekicks to make it your own. This includes Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader, the Armoured Avenger, and the Child from The Mandalorian.

The selected character can be changed at any time. The sidekicks are animated and Vodafone says more will be added over time. The alternative is to opt for a character-free interface.

Disney and Vodafone join forces on a fun smartwatch for kids
Image source: Vodafone

The watch itself measures 44.5mm in width so comes with a large display. The depth is 14.8mm and weight 40.6 grams. The whole thing has a IP68 rating for water-resistance, which means you can submerge it down to depths of 10m for up to 30 minutes.

Your kids can choose from one of two colors: Mint and Ocean. The watch attached to an innovative strap which provides an additional angled way to wear. That way your kids can read the screen without tilting their head. Or they can swap over to the normal strap – both are included in the package.

Disney and Vodafone join forces on a fun smartwatch for kids
Image source: Vodafone

Your young ones will be happy to know there’s a 5MP camera on-board which can be used to take photos. Kids can keep track of their steps and will be notified when they reach the recommended 1 hour of activity per day.

The Neo is also fully internet-connected meaning it can make calls and send video message. If you are out and about, it can tap into Vodafone’s mobile network. Little ones can check the local weather, there’s a calculator on-board, a calendar application and more.

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As far as safety features, you can stay in touch with your kids with calls, chat and emojis. The smartphone app allows parents to view Neo’s location on a map, see what your little ones are up to online and personalize and monitor trusted contacts. Finally, there’s a Quick Call feature that lets kids contact you at the touch of a button.

Battery life is around two days. This of course depends on how much the watch is used.

Disney and Vodafone join forces on a fun smartwatch for kids
Image source: Vodafone

Price and availability

Neo certainly sounds like a fully featured product. It’s certainly one of the best looking kids watches we’ve seen.

The timepiece is not available to order just yet but will be released in early 2021. Vodafone wants £99 for the device followed by 24 monthly payments £7.99 or 12 months at £12. The monthly payments are for the Vodafone Smart SIM subscription. You can register your interest on this link.

“It demonstrates how we are building a platform that has the potential to drive significant value for the business, while also differentiating ourselves in this growing industry,” said Lutfu Kitapci, Managing Director, Vodafone Smart Tech.

Combining Vodafone’s leading design and technology capabilities, together with the world’s best loved characters from Disney, has created an incredible product that both parents and kids will love.”

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