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Fitbit teams up with HidrateSpark on a smart water bottle

Fitbit has teamed up with HidrateSpark on a Fitbit branded smart water bottle. It syncs with the Fitbit app and uses personal data to calculate your daily hydration needs.

Proper hydration is important. We all know that. Taking in enough of the liquid helps with cardiovascular health, muscle and joint function, digestion and increases energy levels.

Nevertheless, a lot of us are chronically dehydrated without even realizing it. A smart water-bottle can make the job of staying topped up a bit easier.

Fitbit branded HidrateSpark STEEL

HidrateSpark has been around for a while now. In fact it sells one of the best selling smart water bottles on Amazon.

The BPA-free gear comes with steel vacuum insulation that keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours. There’s also a protective spout cover that keeps dirt and germs out and prevents spills. You can wash it as long as you take the bottom which houses all the smarts off.

Those with Fitbits on their wrist will be happy to know that HidrateSpark syncs data automatically to the Fitbit app. This is done via the HidrateSpark smartphone app and a Bluetooth connection.

The thing uses a proprietary Hydration Equation, along with your Fitbit data and stats such as elevation and weather to calculate your daily hydration goals. The fact that it syncs with the Fitbit app means you can keep all your health and fitness data in one place.

Fitbit teams up with HidrateSpark on smart water bottle
Image source: Fitbit

When it’s time to take a sip, you will be alerted. The bottle has lights that flash as a reminder, and to celebrate when you’ve met your daily goal. The light is quite bright so you are unlike to miss the alert. If you own the Sense, Versa 3 or Inspire 2, you’ll even be able to see real-time hydration data on your wrist.

The rest is pretty standard. There’s a sensor inside which automatically records how much you drink. The bottle has a rechargeable battery and a fast charging cable.

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The HiDrateSpark STEEL can now be purchased at It features the Fitbit logo and can be picked up for $74.95 in black or brushed steel. There are two lid styles to choose from – a straw or a wide-mouth chug lid.

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