AirPop Active+ brings respiratory health tracking to masks

AirPop Active+ is the smartest mask you can buy. It brings respiratory tracking to the usual functionality allowing you to better understand your health.

We’ve unfortunately grown accustomed to seeing people wear masks in the past year or so. We are wearing them ourselves. They can protect us and others from dangerous viruses. That in itself is a good reason to wear them, but what if they could do more? Well, it’s 2021 and they can.

Step in AirPop Active+.

This is a new mask that comes fitted up with AirPop’s Halo sensor. The outfit behind it calls it the first smart Air Wearable. Its main party trick is that it captures breathing-related health data.

Of course, the mask doesn’t have a display. That really would be going a step too far. Instead, the mask works in conjunction with a smartphone app. The AI in the software collates the information on internal respiration with outside air quality and location. What’s more the app will let you know when it is time to change the filter.

The Halo sensor is powered by a tiny coin cell battery which needs replacing once every six months. You can see it in the image below – it sits outside the mask. The filter fits in snugly inside the mask.

AirPop Active+ brings respiratory health tracking to masks

With Active Mode switched on the mask will spit out even more data. This includes breathing cycles and info such as breaths per minute, breaths for pace and more.

Plus, it looks good! If you can say that about any mask…

AirPop Active+ brings respiratory health tracking to masks

You can rest safe in the knowledge that the filters inside the mask block more than 99% of PM0.3, including dust, allergens, particulate matter and microbial particles. AirPop says the mask ships with four filters. Each has their own code which registers with the accompanying smartphone app.

AirPop Active+ brings respiratory health tracking to masks

For the moment we are required to wear masks. Let’s hope this doesn’t last too much longer. In the meantime you may as well use these extraordinary circumstances to collect some more health data about yourself.

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The mask launches in the US and Canada later this month on, followed by other retailers in Q1. The bad news is that AirPop Active+ (including four filters) will set you back a hefty $149.99.

The company has not yet revealed how much additional filters will cost. But hopefully you won’t need them and the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be resigned to the dustbin of history! The mask will be demoed next week at CES 2021.

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