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Amazfit GTS/GTR 2e get their global debut, LTE variant to land soon

Huami has announced retail availability in the US and some other countries of its new GTS 2e and GTR 2e watches. Both were released in China last month. Presenting at CES 2021, the company has also said it will unveil an LTE version of the Amazfit GTR 2 soon.

The ever increasing portfolio of Amazfit branded smartwatches keeps growing. The latest devices are a different iteration of GTS 2 and GTR 2.

The second generation watches are sleeker and lighter than before. They were both unveiled a few months ago.

The main upgrade on GTS 2 and GTR 2 is the 9-axis accelerometer instead of a 6-axis one, along with an SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen measurements. The final important upgrade is 3GB of internal memory for music storage.

In our review we found the watches are a definite upgrade over the original. They work well and the GPS and heart rate are more accurate. You can check out our full review on this link.

Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e – what’s new?

Version 2e of GTS and GTR loses this music storage. Which means you are left only with the ability to control music on your smartphone. Along with this, the watches lose WiFi connectivity. This is used on version 2 to transfer music to your timepiece. The microphone is also gone as our some of the premium build-materials of the original.

The lack of this functionality means battery life has received a boost. Although GTS 2e packs the same 246 mAh battery of its predecessor, this will now keep it going for 14 days on a single charge or 24 days in basic watch mode. This is as opposed to 7 days and 20 days respectively on the standard version.

The same is the case for GTR 2e which retains the 471 mAh battery. Here you will get 24 days of juice, up on 14 on the original. Basic watch mode is now up from 38 to 45 days.

NFC remains part of the feature-set. As does the AMOLED display and rest of the design.

Amazfit GTS/GTR 2e lose some features but gain a temperature sensor

Interestingly, Amazfit GTS 2e and GTR 2e gain a temperature sensor. But like some Garmin sports watches, this is only ambient temperature sensor. Don’t equate this to some Fitbits which can actually track your temperature overnight. Rather than a specific value, they spit on info on how your temperature deviates from your norm.

The Amazfit duo is priced around $50 less than the standard version. GTR 2e is available in Obsidian Black, Dolphin Grey and Ice Lake Green. GTS 2e in Obsidian Black, Dark Green and Roland Purple.

Both the GTS 2e (Amazon) and GTR 2e (Amazon) watches can be purchased in the US and some other countries.

Amazfit GTR LTE

By all accounts, it seems another variant of the GTR 2 will land in the near future. This will be the GTR 2 LTE, Huami’s first watch with cellular capability. The company says the device will arrive later this year packing support for 4G. This will allow users to make and receive calls on their watch, no smartphone required.

It remains to be seen which networks the GTR 2 LTE will work with and in which countries. We are guessing the US will be top of the list after China. The other question is to do with battery life. The GTR 2 can keep going for about a week. Throw in cellular capability and this will come right down.

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