Moxy Portal: an app, cloud storage & webtool for the Moxy sensor

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A number of sports watches claim to be able to measure your lactate threshold. To arrive at an estimate they require a stable Vo2Max value and heart rate data recorded across a range of different intensities with a chest strap. But there are other options.

Humon Hex and Moxy are two wearables that are able to arrive at these metrics directly, by measuring oxygen saturation in muscles. The first of these has been discontinued which leaves Moxy as the only other real option available to the regular consumer.

You could, of course, visits an exercise lab and pay for costly tests. And this is what many professional athletes do. Knowing their lactate threshold helps them understand their endurance capabilities. This, in turn, enables them to pick an appropriate exercise strategy for their particular goals.

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The company behind Moxy has now turned to Kickstarter to raise funds for something called the Moxy Portal. This is a companion app, cloud storage and webtool for the sensor. It should make the process of collecting, sharing and analyzing Moxy data much easier.

Before the sensor would interface only with third-party products such as a Garmin or a PC running the PeriPedal software. The intent of the Moxy Portal is to have another option for collecting data, and so that you an have all of this sitting on your smartphone.

The app will allow you to view real-time oxygen saturation data by connecting via Bluetooth to the Moxy device. All of this is synced to the Cloud where it will reside. In addition to the app, there’s a web dashboard that allows you to analyze your data in great detail. You’ll also be able to view live workout data from other Moxy users, as long as they give you the necessary permission.

Those with a Moxy5 sensor will be able to use the new platform. If you don’t own the device, the Kickstarter project offers various options for purchase. You can even trade your old Moxy3 for a Moxy5.

With 19 days left in the campaign, the company is about half-way towards their $53,000 goal. If all goes well Moxy Portal is expected to go live in June. A pledge of $199 will get you a life-time subscription to the Moxy Portal.

Price:$199 and up

Raised: $24,662 of $53,000 goal

Estimated delivery: June 2021
19 days to go

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